Hold Wool Felt, Acrylic, and Wood. 70x105x85 in. 2018 This work uses materials as characters that perform opposing functions or represent opposing forces such as, individual and community, self and other, bodily and external, fixed and flexible. These characters are physically reliant on each other, forming a system of interdependence. Photo Credit PD Rearick

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Relational Objects

With the Relational Objects series, I set up material pairings that are physically reliant on each other. Using acrylic to hold up felt, or vice versa, and in some cases using felt as a joint to hold acrylic pieces together. This work uses materials as characters. The personhood of the characters is not fixed, but…

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Toxic Playground

  Toxic Playground 2017. Wool Felt, Safety Fabric, Charcoal Foam, and Muslin. 90x72x18 in. Toxic Playground is a place of comfort, almost. The audience can lay, sit, or stand on the work. This is pleasant, although it disturbs the work, and alters the topography of the represented landscape. The faint smell of “new car”, an intentionally made…

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Felt as Record

Throughout its history, felt is most commonly used for protection from the elements, in clothing and shelter. In many traditions, felt garments were imbued with cultural meaning as well as function. When using the wet felting technique, I lay the wool out and apply soap and warm water.  Then, using my hands, I condense the…

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2-Hour Test

During a live performance, I repeatedly walked across a my-size piece of wool. The wool recorded our interaction by slowly felting along my footpath over two hours. While walking, I recorded the effects of our interaction on my body by notating on a clipboard. I tallied for each pass I walked and marked each water break…

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